STTOKE Tea Infuser – Black



  • The Cleanest Sip of Tea – With no lingering odours, combining German-engineered shatterproof ceramic coating inside.
  • No More Residues – Say goodbye to little tea dust floating around in your drink. We made the mesh small enough to prevent residues from going through. We also made the mesh big enough to extract the cleanest sip-ratio of your tea to further entice your taste buds.
  • 1.5x More Flavour – Each hole is engineered at a perfect 0.03mm to effortlessly capture even the smallest tea particles, providing a refined and sediment-free cup of tea.
  • Stays in Place – Locks in tight for mess free commutes and comes right out as easy. Only a single rinse needed for all residue to come out.
  • Heat Resistant Knob – The knob is heat-resistant, making taking the tea out of the container very simple. A pinch is all it takes to remove your Tea Infuser to either refill or wash it.
  • Built to Last – The rubber rim is also made resistant to heat to ensure a firm placement in the STTOKE Cup.
  • More Flavour – A larger capacity lets you spoon loose tea and spices directly into the basket without losing any, while also allowing for more water flow for a better, cleaner sip of your tea.

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