Here’s How to Pack an Organized Duffel Bag 

If you love an organised bag, don’t let packing a duffel bag intimidate you. Just because there’s only one compartment, it doesn’t mean you should toss in everything randomly. We have a packing strategy to get your duffel shipshape.

Not every trip is suitable for a rolling suitcase or a traditional backpack. That’s when duffel bags save the day. You may find that these bags are best for longer trips and expeditions. They also fold flat for storage, making them easy to stow away when you’re not on the go.Here are four essential tips to pack your duffel like a pro.


Not all bags are created equal. Thankfully, Eagle Creek has something for everyone. Different trips call for different types of bags. A few considerations include:

●     Which size do you need? Duffels come in multiple sizes, including carry-ons,  packable bags wheeled duffels, and  duffels with backpack straps for easy carrying.

●     What will you subject it to? Durable material is a must-have. Look for versatile  water-repellent duffels and rugged all-purpose ones.

●     Do you need pockets? Despite what you think, some duffels have pockets! Exterior pockets are a good feature, especially for those plane tickets and smaller items that can get lost in the main compartment.


Packing cubes are the best resource when it comes to keeping your duffel bag organized. These handy cubes keep your items in one specific place. Rather than dumping everything out when you arrive at your destination, you can quickly grab the cube for exactly what you need. When everything has its own place, you’re less like to lose things along the way.

For example, place all of your tops in one cube, all pants in another cube, and your toiletries or electric cords in another. The Specter series of packing cubes are ideal for duffels because they hardly take up any room when you don’t need them and can hold plenty of items. Also, check out this cube for your shoes! When it comes to clothes, rolling tends to be the best way to fit your stuff inside the cubes.


Channel your inner 80s child when you pack. Treat your duffel bag like a game of Tetris. Once your belongings are in packing cubes, place them in a pattern along the bottom. Remember: This is a game! Experiment with the best fit as some might work up and down rather than sideways.

To up your packing game, arrange cubes or pieces in the order that you’ll need them on your trip—pack the least important at the bottom of your bag. If you’re traveling with collared shirts or items that you don’t want to get wrinkled, use a  packing folder and place it at the very bottom so that it won’t get crumpled and build your puzzle around it.


The best way to organize your duffel is to avoid overpacking, especially if you plan on carrying the duffel on your shoulder. Because of uneven weight distribution, it can be tough to go great distances with it hanging on one side. A cross-body strap tends to help this problem, and Eagle Creek duffels have backpack straps to ease this pain-point. Bring only a few outfits that you can wear multiple ways with plans to do laundry on the go. Ideally, you should be able to easily zip the bag without straining. Give the bag a good shake to let things settle.

This article is adapted from Eagle Creek’s Blog. 

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