Essential Solo Travel Tips for a Successful Journey

The idea of traveling alone is both scary and exhilarating. Though it is exciting to be in the company of a travel partner or a group tour, solo travel gives you the liberty to roam around without distractions and restrictions. It lets you escape your current, tired routine and more importantly, reconnect with yourself and the world at large. So, take a leap of faith and follow these useful tips for a successful independent expedition.


1. Stash cash in different places

A vital rule to remember when securing your travel money is to never keep all your cash, debit or credit cards in one compartment. As you will be out exploring, it’s best to only carry what you need for the day. Instead of stowing it all in one easily accessible place, divide your money in several places people would least expect — your undergarments, socks, underneath your waistband and even in hidden jacket pockets. 

2. Plan your transportation ahead

To save money on transportation, consider learning the routes and transportation system of the towns and cities you are visiting. Familiarize yourself with the stations, its frequencies and services to estimate the duration needed to reach your destinations. This enables you to plan your time well and gives you a better idea on how to get around while you travel solo.



3. Carry a slash-proof bag

Since you will be traveling alone, a good technique to outsmart opportunistic pickpockets and gear thieves is by carrying a slash-proof bag. The Venturesafe X40 Anti-Theft Backpack has wire-reinforced eXomesh® slashguards and Carrysafe® slashguard straps made with Dyneema. This makes it almost impossible to slit or perforate. As you will be traveling light, this bag provides sufficient space and compartments to fill your clothes and valuable belongings. Worry not: No blunt tools can stand a chance against its durable zip tabs and lockable zippers!

4. Appear confident

In any case, always wear your confidence like a suit of armor. It is natural to feel apprehensive at times, but the key is to fake it till you make it. To avoid unwanted attention, be sure to stay alert and stand strong. When speaking to anyone, make eye contact and maintain composure so that they know you are firm and assertive. Your safety can be guaranteed when you are vigilant of your surroundings.



5. Be friendly with the locals

While Google suggests great attractions for first-time visitors, getting to know the locals is an added bonus to your solo travel itinerary. Being friendly with people like hotel personnel, security guards, taxi drivers and waitrons can help you discover hidden local gems. 

6. Be part of a guided tour

Sightseeing on your own terms and leisure can be an option, but joining a guided tour may be one of the greatest ways to get the most out of your traveling experience. Other than a time-efficient schedule, guided tours let you uncover some of the city’s unique historical facts as well as bits of interesting inside knowledge that you may not know about.

Pro-tip:  As you will be traveling through crowded areas, a simple pouch such as the Vibe 100 Anti-Theft Hip Pack is an excellent option. This lightweight, grab-and-go pack is perfect for storing your passport, keys and wallet. It is also fitted with innovative anti-theft technology like the Pop and Lock security clip, Roobar sport locking system as well as sturdy eXomesh® slashguards and Carrysafe® slashguard straps to safeguard your important items throughout your day trip.  

7. Learn the Language

Before you visit a new country, challenge yourself to study its basic conversational language. No doubt it is difficult to learn a set of completely new vocabulary, but this should not hinder you from trying. Rather than expecting people to converse in English, learning the local language can help you in myriads of situations – be it ordering food or bargain shopping! 


This article is adapted from Pacsafe’s Travel Blog. 


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